A plant for gypsum production and dry mortars mixing was built in 2010 in the village of Inderborsk located in Inder District of Atyrau Province. The plant ensures production of high-quality gypsum and mixing of dry mortars, making our products distinctive from other brands of gypsum. Our gypsum is distinguished by its whiteness, predetermined friability and airiness and characterized by increased strength due to very fine grinding level.
Credit for support of Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC and DBK-Leasing JSC, the plant was supplied with new equipment - Erishim Makina (Turkey) having output capacity up to 120 thousand tons of finished product per annum. Should be noted that our plant employs the best specialists who passed special training and occupational skills improvement workshops.
The InderGyps LLP intends to produce domestic products under InderGyps brand. In addition, the plant anticipates to create 82 jobs, which will reduce unemployment rate in Inder District. In future, our company will make a significant contribution to economic development of Kazakhstan via its mandatory payments to state budget.
The InderGyps LLP possesses a gypsum deposit located 30 km away from processing plant and crushing/screening facility. The extraction of gypsum stone at the quarry is a very low cost process as gypsum stone is sourced from the dumps of borate ores' deposits. The average grade of gypsum in stone is up to 94%, allowing to sell gypsum stone (fractions 0-300 mm) as a stand-alone product.
The processing plant is equipped with Erishim Makina equipment (Turkey) of capacity up to 120 thousand tons of finished product per annum.
Present equipment ensures manufacture of such high-quality product as:
- Gypsum plaster
- Dry Mortars
The company seeks to produce innovative and safe products capable to compete with the analogues of western brands being imported to Kazakhstan, able to meet all existing standards. We take care about health of our future customers and therefore we use only proven and environmentally friendly raw materials during production process.
Currently, the Company portrays itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, fine-grade gypsum and dry mortars.
Having a broad distribution market, along with flexible production approach, the Company will be able to promptly address all the changes in market demand (update product range) with main focus on Western and North-Western Kazakhstan.
The further product strategy of the Company will depend on fluctuations at construction supplies market (new market players and manufacturers), as well as development of new recipes for dry mortars.
Packaging is a very crucial for gypsum and dry mortars storage and transportation. One of the advantages of packaging is the ability to prolong shelf life of the products. The longer shelf life will mitigate impact of seasonability onto plant performance, i.e. dry mortars and gypsum produced during off-season may be stored for an extended period at warehousing premises of the customers.
- Production of gypsum (Beta-modification)
100,000 tons per year and dry gypsum-based building mixes with a capacity of 85,000 tons / year (2 shift work - 16 hours) while consuming 50% of the gypsum produced with a possible increase to 125,000 tons / year with 3 shift work (24 hours).
- The main raw material for gypsum powder production is a gypsum stone.
The last will be transported to the plant from technogenic dumps No. 96 and No.102 of borate ore deposit of Akzhaik district which is 30 km away from plant. The total reserves of these dumps is 25 million tons of natural gypsum stone.