Quality control

INDERMIX is a new Kazakhstan brand product made on the basis of gypsum. The quality and whiteness will be appreciated by both amateurs and professionals in the sphere of buildings’ construction and finishing and those who tried once will continue use of our brand products. Working with INDERMIX dry mortars you will significantly reduce your time and effort, as reliable physical specifications ensures less time and paint spending. Safety is a cornerstone criteria during development and production of INDERMIX dry mortars.

Our laboratory is supplied with state of the art equipment and ensures strict observation and compliance to technological standards during INDERMIX products preparation. INDERMIX product formulas are developed in close collaboration with Turkish manufacturers of chemical raw materials for construction and building supplies. Products are manufactured at fully automated technological line www.erisimmak.com.tr Turkey.

INDERMIX provides multi-level quality control guaranteeing perfect quality and consistency:

  • inlet control of raw materials and chemistry;
  • pre-production equipment cleanliness control;
  • intermediate control in production process;
  • quality control of finished products at production line outlet;
  • post-sales quality control.

In addition, INDERMIX is a customer service support at all stages: consultations from the part of best technical specialists, on-site technology application training and prompt customers feedback under 24/7 basis. And surely the best prices thanks to availability of own raw materials and production process logistics.