Gypsum - grade G-5, G-6
Used for manufacture of gypsum building products of all kinds and stucco of indoor moldings subject to conventional temperature and humidity conditions. Ceiling cornices, stucco decorations, hearts, sculptures, wall lamps, platbands and tops, niches and other decorative elements are made using MUTLU DEKOREM

Gypsum binder gradeG-5, G-6
Setting start, not earlier6 min
End of setting, no later than30 min
Bending strength, not less 20 kg/cm²
Compressive strength, not less40 kg/m³
Consumption per 1 sq.m. of 1 mm layer0,9-1,0 kg/sq.m
Water consumption0,50-0,55 L/kg
Primary layer and ambient temperature+5°C to +30°C
Drying time24 hours at 20°C
Shelf life6 months
Paper bag packingnet weight 25 kg (± 2%)
LegendST RK 1168-2006; GOST 30108-94
(KZ STANDARD 1168-2006; STATE STANDARD 30108-94)