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Gypsum putty finishing PLUS

Gypsum putty to be used for plaster finishing of walls and ceilings in the premises with conventional humidity. Designed for interior use. Not applicable in wet environment, such as saunas and bathrooms.

Setting start, not earlier80 min
End of setting, no later than150 min
Compressive strength, not less2 MPa
Tear strength, not less0,5 MPa
Consumption per 1 sq.m. with 10 mm. layer10-10,5 kg
Water consumption0,50-0,52 L/1 kg of mixture (12,5-13 L/25 kg of mixture)
Primary layer and ambient temperature+5°C to +30°C
Recommended layer thickness1-20 mm
Drying time24 hours at 20°C
Shelf life6 months
Paper bag packingnet weight 25 kg (± 2%)
LegendСТ РК 1168-2006; ГОСТ 30108-94(KZ STANDARD 1168-2006; STATE STANDARD 30108-94)